یہ تحریر اردو (Urdu) میں بھی دستیاب ہے۔

Past and Future

مکمل کتاب : His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Then mentioning the dreams, he  said, “Other way of studying the book is that works during sleep or dreaming. A man sees in a dream that he is in London and the very next moment he sees himself in Karachi. This manner of living is termed as Non- serial Time or the Time of Unconscious, which is that manner of studying the book in which the order and sequence are ignored. During dreaming, the speed of the human

Senses increases to that extent whence he enters into the Unconscious and all that is witnessed in the dreams is mostly related to with the Future. “Sometimes man is warned, in his dreams, about the accidents and mishaps which are about to take place in the Future and after adopting the precautionary measures one can avoid the accidents or the mishaps. Sometime, during wakefulness, one’s sixth sense warns him about the future accidents. Such events are quite common for people at large. And, these all have only one explanation that mind enters into the Non- serial Time (Unconscious) momentarily  leaving the Serial Time (Conscious) and perceives that is about to happen. But this happens involuntarily and, if this activity could be controlled and associated with will using the Muraqba Technology then, one can observe and study the events that are yet to happen, even during one’s wakefulness. Because, all that will happen tomorrow (in the confines of Serial Time) already exists today (in the Non-serial time) and as it existed yesterday (in the past). Thus it becomes clear that Time is only the Past. Present and Future come into being only due to the difference of the ways of the study of the Book.”

“It is just as if a person is watching a movie in a cinema hall. Scenes of the movie are appearing before him in a sequence. He considers the scenes that are before his eyes as Present and the scenes that have passed his vision as Past and the scenes that would  come later as Future, though the entire movie is the Past. Since the past and Future are not present before his Conscious he thinks time is passing. It means that Time is Past (A Recorded Film). Difference is only  that of the ways of perusing the Time. In the first way, there is an order and is sequential and is called Serial Time. In the second way moments do not take place in a sequence, one after the other rather the mind jumps and enters a moment skipping the mediatory moments. This is termed as Non-serial Time. As I have stated that entire Time from Eternity to Eternity is Past (Record) and the moment that encompasses the Time in its entirety, Spiritualists term it Real Time. This very Time has been referred to in the statement of Holy Prophet (PBUH); ‘The Pen has dried after writing all that is to happen.’ That means everything has happened in Timelessness or the Real Moment and all that is happening is a part of the Past.”

یہ تحریر اردو (Urdu) میں بھی دستیاب ہے۔

His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A. chapters :

Dedication – to that young generation 1 - Foreword 2 - Life Of Qalander Baba Auliya 3 - Qalander 4 - Qalanderi Order 5 - Introduction 6 - Birth Place 7 - Education 8 - Spiritual Training 9 - Family 10 - Livelihood 11 - Induction 12 - Spiritual Position 13 - Mannerism 14 - Childhood and youth 15 - Precious Qualities 16 - Greatness 17 - His Children 18 - Books Authored 19 - Wonder-Workings 20 - Pigeon resurrected 21 - Deaf and dumb girl 22 - Incessant raining 23 - I lifted the basket 24 - Amount of Alimony 25 - Angels 26 - Musk Odor 27 - Love and sacrifice 28 - Cholistan Jungle 29 - Seeing God in everything around 30 - Down on the ground 31 - Jinns 32 - Prediction 33 - Trees also talk 34 - Lal Shahbaz Qalander 35 - Man at Service 36 - Angels protect 37 - Lottery Number 38 - Looking after the family 39 - Sapphire Ring 40 - Prayer of a Qalander 41 - وراثتِ علم لدنّی 42 - Revealing the Future 43 - 25 Bodies of Auliya 44 - Freud and Libido 45 - جسم مثالی یا AURA 46 - Saving from operation 47 - Distant Treatment 48 - Hundred thousand Rupees 49 - Polio Cured 50 - Cap disappears, Jinns appear 51 - The Scar 52 - Rain-water turning into pearls 53 - Degree of Japan 54 - After eighteen years 55 - Mouthful of Blood 56 - Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz & Bu Ali Shah Qalander 57 - Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai 58 - Water turned bitter 59 - Spiritual treatment of tumor 60 - Metaphysical or Paranormal 61 - An article 62 - Man’s Conscious Experience 63 - Time is the Past 64 - Past and Future 65 - What the senses are? 66 - Self Realization 67 - Knower of the Mysteries of Nature 68 - Attendance in Court of Muhammad PBUH 67 - Be! And it was 68 - A Letter 69 - Thousands year before 70 - The sun is center, not the Earth 71 - Freud’s Theory 72 - Parapsychology 73 - Parapsychology & psychology 74 - Publications 75 - رباعیات limitations don’t allow me to say and share Just a word that became a story No idea as to where from I come In dust is buried the man of dust Abandoned the flowing springs of wine, Every breath is a sip of wine for me When the body would be without life Hostile world, just a moment World is an artwork of magic What’s the outcome of a sip? Church, temple or the mosques Arch of light upon the forehead No one knows of their heads and crowns Life went by on earth in gloom, Every particle follows a typical growing Adam is confined in lines Scarcity of wine in the wine-shop All will contemplate one day Wine cup knows not Time favors you or not, bewail not ساقی ! ترا مخمور پئے گا سوبار کل روز ازل یہی تھی میری تقدیر ساقی ترے قدموں میں گزرنی ہے عمر 75.24 - آدم کا کوئی نقش نہیں ہے بے کار حق یہ ہے کہ بیخودی خودی سے بہتر جبتک کہ ہے چاندنی میں ٹھنڈک کی لکیر پتھر کا زمانہ بھی ہے پتھر میں اسیر مٹی سے نکلتے ہیں پرندے اڑ کر معلوم ہے تجھ کو زند گانی کا راز ؟ مٹی کی لکیریں ہیں جو لیتی ہیں سانس ہر چیز خیالات کی ہے پیمائش ساقی کا کرم ہے میں کہاں کامئے نوش 76 - Demise 77 - خانقاہ عظیمیہ 78 - Death Anniversary (Urs) 79 - Introduction of Silsila Azeemia & Rules & Regulations 80 - The color of Azeemi Spiritual Order 81 - سنگ بنیاد 82 - Khanwada-e-Salasil 83 - Tone 84 - Aims and Objectives 85 - Rules and Regulations
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