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مکمل کتاب : His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Qalander Baba Auliya was a beacon of light in the darkness of the material age and source of inspiration and solace for the distressed hearts. It is not very far that the treasure of his teachings would come before the masses and they would be surprised to notice that they wasted their time and money in unsuccessful attempts of reaching the stars and moon and remained deprived of the blessing of the one who knew the secrets of the nature, who had been among them and they didn’t pay attention to him. They could have found what they were looking for. How unfortunate of man groping in the darkness of the material lights.

The Roohani Digest is a blessing in an age when the abundance of material resources has become the standard of life. This magazine is a source of quenching the thirst of spiritual knowledge. It is my honor that I am presenting an article of Qalander Baba Auliya for the readers of Roohani Digest.

Water has the ability of moving and transmitting waves. When a pebble is thrown into the water, waves start emerging provided that water is enough to express its inner. Collision of a pebble makes the water to express its inner. Anything that is happening; happens only because it existed in the manifestations of nature, though there is a way of its happening. Pebble is a similitude of Intention’ and it collision is that of ‘Attention’. That is to say, when there is repetition of Intention, the Attention comes into action. Attention is the repetition of Intention. Usually the Intentiori is repeated unconsciously and so the Attention is also Unconscious and involuntary. But, it does bear results. In both the cases results are significant and effective too, i.e. in the world of manifestations both are same as far as the effects are concerned. This is valid for the dreams and the various states through which man passes.

The pebble, that is Unconscious, is the Intention of the Cosmic Mind and same is the Behest of God. Repetition keeps on taking place in the Cosmic Mind. It is never without repetition. Repetition in the Behest of God is. Kitabul Mobeen (the Book Open and Manifested). Repetition in this Book results in the manifestations of nature or is the cosmos. Repetition takes place in Kitabul Mobeen and its results are termed as the Kitabul Murcioom (The Written Book).

In fact the cosmos is the Written Book. This repetition never takes place on the surface of the mind, it occurs in the depths of the mind When the pebble reaches the depth of the water, the waves generate, i.e. the inner of the water starts taking the form of the manifestation that always existed in the water but there was no repetition. The inner that is devoid of repetition, is a simple movement and is termed as Unseen. And, when repetition takes place, it becomes the manifestation of nature. Attention of a Sufi cause repetition in the Unseen. And, when a Sufi pays Attention, it takes the form of that desired thing, which already existed in the mind of the Sufi. The form present in the Unseen or the Cosmic Mind was simple and achromatic but when Sufi’s Attention enters into it takes the form that the Sufi desired. If the Attention of the Percipient is not partaking, the properties of the water remain in action, which are independent of any connection with any creature. Properties of water let a person drown and let the other one swim.

Repetition of Intention is the Will Power. It is not necessary that an Intention must be repeated for hundred thousand times, if it is backed by the power, its movement for once is enough to produce the results. Sometime, and in the present age usually, 999 out of 1000 times, an Intention repeated for hundred thousand times fail to generate the power of even one repetition. Actually, the Intention is not repeated at all because the words through which the repetition of Intention is attempted do not have any picture in them or to say, meaningful features are not created.

Actually Intentions have a form and shape. The purpose, for which an Intention is made, must be there in the Intention with all its form and features. No Intention can be called an Intention if it has no form and shape.

(Contributed by Professor Sheikh Faqir Mohammad)

یہ تحریر اردو (Urdu) میں بھی دستیاب ہے۔

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