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Kashf (reveal)

مکمل کتاب : Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Report XII

When I closed my eyes for Muraqaba, suddenly glitters of light started appearing and I began to watch various things. I heard the voices of many close relatives. Voices were so clear that on one occasion I ended up talking to someone during Muraqaba. Towards the end of Muraqaba when I saw myself leaving my own body and ascending towards the roof, I panicked and opened my eyes and started staring at the roof where I saw something was moving upwards.

I saw the tomb of the Prophet during Muraqaba and then saw a chain of mountains. In its valley, there was a beautiful garden. Everywhere I saw greenery. It was a magnificent view. One day, I became so engrossed during Muraqaba that I became unaware of the surroundings. When for a moment my mind got distracted, even the breathing moments seem to be interrupting. When a thought of an old friend came to my mind it appeared as if he were standing there and I was watching him clearly.

One day during Muraqaba my mind started thinking about some relatives. Suddenly I started hearing people talking. I could hear their conversation very clearly. The next day when I asked them about the conversation they confirmed that those were the things they were talking about.


Report XIII

When I was praying the isha prayer I felt, as if the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were leading the prayers. I was standing right behind him. On my right side were Qalander Baba (founder of the Azeemia order) and on my left was Baba Ji (Author). Dignitaries from other religions were there too. All the time I kept seeing, the lights from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emitting and falling on me. I could see him (Prophet) very clearly in the midst of those illuminating lights though his back was towards me. He was dressed in Arabic attire. His face was glowing and illuminating. There was a circle of pure light surrounding him. I was right behind him and that is why his lights were directly shining on me.

My entire attention was on him. That is why I was not able to see the faces of those people who were there.


Report XIV

I saw myself as if made of tadjalli. My body was very bright and I was sitting at a place where there was nothing but lights. In this luminary place I was sitting in a Muraqaba posture. I was still and my open eyes were fixed at the space in front of me. My mind was blank just like a slate. Suddenly I saw a fast moving light come and enter my forehead.

(Saeeda Khatoon, Manchester).


Report XV

At 8:15 pm I was sitting at my living room. Suddenly a milky circle of one and a half cubic feet emerged in the front wall. It kept moving from one end to the other. The room was lit by mercury lights (tube lights) but the lights emitting from that circle were brighter. This continued for about two minutes. Suddenly a new figure emerged which was even brighter than the previous one. That figure lasted for about 5-6 minutes. Meanwhile, I kept on staring at those figures. I was not aware of the surroundings. When these luminary figures finally left, I felt as if my brain had an electric shock. At that moment, a thought came to my mind that that figure was in fact Qalander Baba. There was a similarity between his facial expression and that figure. I started sobbing immediately. I could not describe how I felt at that moment. My heartbeat went so high that I was afraid my heart would pop out of my month.



Report XVI

Suddenly I felt as if there were a body coming out of my own body and then that body took off from the window towards the sky. The body was attired in a white luminary dress. The whole space had a white cloudy stuff in it. That luminary body covered seven different ways as it was ascending. The scene was magnificent. There was white lights everywhere. That body seemed a little worried at one point. Then it lifted its face upward and a voice was heard “God will help you”. When my spiritual body heard this voice, my physical body started shaking. Heartbeat went up. Then I heard “Al – Lahu Akbar” (God is greatest) and then I bowed and prostrated. Wished I could spend my whole life in that posture. Then I saw several angels in two rows facing each other. There was a 5 -6 foot distance between the rows. My spiritual body came in between then. The moment I tried to look up, I started trembling.


Report XVII

Right after I closed my eyes to begin Muraqaba I felt as if I came out of my physical body and was inside the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Right away, I started reciting durud in my heart. I felt as if a cooler light was falling on me from the holy fence of the tomb. Then I saw myself inside the Kaaba in Mecca. Moments later the Kaaba started ascending towards the sky. I saw different types of people during the journey. Some of them I knew. Eventually we reached a dead end. Here I saw row after row of angels. Then I saw myself in my room and felt that my being was spread throughout the entire room. I ended the Muraqaba at this point.

On another day during Muraqaba I saw a line of light traveling from the west to the south. It stopped at my house. At that point, I felt as if that light were in fact me. When I tried to focus, all the events of my life, from birth to present day were displayed like a movie. In them there were happy moments, sad ones, good, bad, everything was there. When I focused more, some future events were displayed as well. I was able to comprehend some of them while others were not clear. Then I saw that spiritual body among stars in the sky. But I was not able to keep my focus on that and I ended the Muraqbah.

(Ali Asghar, Saltcoats UK).


Report XVIII

During Muraqaba I saw Murshid Kareem (Author) with me. He then said, “Let’s go see the skies.” We then started ascending. Our bodies were floating like birds. We then entered the skies. We went through clouds of very bright lights, which lead to a very clear space. Below there are different cities. Many people were seen working in their field. It was lush green. Big clean rivers were running as well. On the banks of the river, people had crops of different vegetables, fruits and stuff. We saw all that in one blink of an eye and resumed our upward flight. We entered the clouds of light again and later moved on to another clear space, which had valleys and towns all over the place. We then moved on to another clear space after going through other clouds of light. As we sent through the clouds it felt as if this were the border of the heavens.

I then asked Murshid Kareern (author) that I thought that the border between two skies would be of steel or other harder substance, which would make it impossible to penetrate. Instead, all I see is lights after lights, which can be penetrated very easily. There is no hurdle here. Baba Ji (author) replied, “The sky is the limit of human sight. When consciousness enters the field of subconscious, its sight gradually increases, and man’s inner sight beholds the realm of subconscious (a’lam al – ghayb). To behold the realm of the hidden, there is no restriction imposed by God. However, on every level of the sky, the worlds that exist are under the influence of different lights of Divine Attributes. The reason why the consciousness is unable to see beyond the sky is that it remains ignorant of the Laws of Lights of Divine Names (isma e’lahiya).

But when someone gains the knowledge of the Laws of the Divine Names, he or she then can enter the realm of subconscious at will and consciously. They then can observe the realm of the hidden (a’lane – alghayb) without any hurdle with their inner vision.

Every level of sky is made of those lights of Divine Names that are responsible for its creation. Due to the concentration of lights of Divine Names at the border of the sky, our regular vision is unable to see anything beyond that.

However, when one contemplates the Divine Essence and Attributes, the lights of the Divine Names start penetrating their being. These Divine Lights introduce themselves to consciousness and it becomes aware of their presence. Its awareness is in fact its vision. In this world the amount of absorption of light depends on how far the person is knowledgeable of the Divine Names. After his death his station in the hereafter (aeraaf) depends on it. This means that after death the person lives with his outward senses and vision in the hereafter.

I was really glad when I heard this explanation from Baba Ji (author). Then I asked him if it was necessary to acquire knowledge of Divine Names in this world in order to gain access to these realms.

He said, “Merely acquiring knowledge and becoming aware of something is not enough. Unless and until the characteristics of the Divine Names are performed in the individual, he or she would not be able to have access to this realm upon his or her death. That is why God has created seven skies so that the individual be able to learn the science of each and every light of Divine Names working in each level of sky and slowly their consciousness able to absorb these lights. Every sky is the level of growth of consciousness. Each sky shows the different speed of consciousness. This means that the senses that exist in the consciousness, functions in the corresponding speed that exists in these realms. When the individual speed of senses becomes parallel to that of the speed of the senses of those who live in these realms, only then the individual is finally able to gain access to these realms and journeys through it and acquires their knowledge”. The realm where after death the spirit of the deceased is transferred is called the realm of aeraaf.

In the dream I see that the Baba Ji’s (author) hand is on the top of my head like an umbrella. From his fingers the lights are being transferred to my brain because of which my brain becomes extremely bright and I started to fly in the space like a bird. Even during the flight, I saw his hand on top of my head. During the flight I kept the dhikr and offered thanks and praise to God Almighty. At the same time, I kept looking below to see where I was flying. I saw the land of aeraaf below. I then decided to visit it. I landed on its soil and started walking around to see things. It was a very beautiful city. There were garden lakes everywhere.

The weather was nice. I kept praising and thanking the Lord. During tluit time, I entered an area where there were small houses and even with this nice weather and greenery, every one was staying inside. My vision went inside and I saw people were sitting heads down and very depressed. As if they had no energy to lift their heads and see the beauty, outside in order to uplift their spirit.

I felt as if they were engrossed in the memory of the world that they had left behind. A thought came to my mind that Allah did not stop them from enjoying the good weather and scenery; they had imposed the imprisonment on themselves. If they took just two steps to come outside town, the open air would wash away all their agonies and despair and they would become happy and content. Some of them looked familiar. I convinced them to leave the place and come outside.

Then after that, I came across a very modern housing area. Big castles like homes and their designs resemble geometric figures. They were colored with very light paints and looked fabulous. Then I saw someone whom I had known. He had died few weeks ago. He was very glad to see me and then he said, “Auntie! You are here. How come?”

He was wearing a tailored suit. I was glad to see him too. I said to him that I went to the other end of aeraaf where instead of happiness all I saw was misery. It is a good thing that I see you. He then said let’s go and see things. First, he said he was going to take me to his home. We sat in the car. He told me that he had designed the car himself. That car resembled a flying saucer. Very beautiful, however there was no steering wheel, no gear, nothing in it except a few buttons. I then asked him how it was going to run.

He said, “Auntie! Wherever you want to go, simply think about it and this car will take you there. And it was true. He thought about a place and then the car started moving at high speed and stopped at a huge white palace. Its design was also based on the geometric figures but looked very elegant. He showed me his home, his cars, everything, was very advanced. He said that the mental speed of the people here was far greater than those of Earth. However, even here there were towns where people were living primitively. I then felt that those people who remain ignorant of God’s Knowledge willingly are leading an even more morose living here. Because the speed of this world was at least 10,000 times faster than our world (Earth), nothing can increase the speed of mind but knowledge and the faster the mind gets the more practical the individual becomes. Then in this fast-paced society everyone has to catch up in order to fit in. Otherwise they become isolated and depressed and find no one but themselves for pity. After watching all this, I thanked God for letting me acquire all these branches of knowledge.

Mrs. Abdul Hafeez Butt, England

See this article in printed book on the pages (or page): 84 to 87

یہ تحریر اردو (Urdu) میں بھی دستیاب ہے۔

Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation) chapters :

Introduction to Muraqaba About The Author From the Translator’s Desk (Book Muraqaba) 1 - Self and the Cosmos 2 - Mental Concentration 3 - Spiritual Brain 4 - Waves of Thoughts 5 - Third Eye 6 - Film and Screen 7 - Motions of Spirit 8 - Electrical System 8.2 - 3 Currents 9 - Three Layers 9.2 - Laws of vision 10 - Heart of Cosmos 11 - Concept of Unity (Tawheed) 12 - Muraqaba and Religion 12.2 - Contemplation 12.3 - Abraham 12.4 - Moses 12.5 - Mary (The Mother of Jesus) 12.6 - Jesus 12.7 - Cave of Hira 12.10 - Dhikar and Contemplation 12.8 - Attention to God 12.11 - World Religions 13 - Benefits of Muraqaba 12.9 - Prayer and Muraqaba 13.2 - Schizophrenia 13.3 - Mania 14 - Levels 14.2 - Drowsiness (Ghanood) 14.3 - Colorful Dreams 14.4 - Dreams related to ailments (sickness) 14.5 - Suggestions (for dreams) 14.6 - Identifications (In dreams ) 14.7 - Dreams about the future 15 - Subtle Sensations 15.2 - Idraak (awareness) 15.3 - Varood (esoteric vision) 15.4 - Ilhaam (revelation) 15.5 - Proof of Vahii 15.6 - Kashf (reveal) 16 - Spiritual Journey 17 - Fatah (Exploration) 18 - Classification of Muraqaba 18.2 - Explanation about Muraqaba program 18.3 - Practical Program of Muraqaba 18.4 - Style of Posture for Muraqaba 18.5 - Timing and Place for practicing Muraqaba 18.6 - Materials that can be helpful for Muraqaba 18.7 - Imagination (Tasawur) during Muraqaba 18.8 - Avoidance – (Don’ts) during Muraqaba Practice 18.9 - Muraqaba and Sleep 18.10 - Storage of Energy (through Muraqaba) 19.1 - Helpful Exercises for Muraqaba 19.2 - Breathing for Muraqaba 19.3 - Is’taghraaq ( immersion) 20 - 16-Week Program for Muraqaba (Sufi Meditation) 20.2 - Immunity 20.3 - Mental Weakness 22 - Muraqaba of Colored Lights 21 - Spiritual Concept of Healing 22.2 - Blue Light Muraqaba (Blue Light Meditation) 22.3 - Yellow Light Muraqaba (Yellow Light Meditation) 22.4 - Orange Light Muraqaba (Orange Light Meditation) 22.5 - Green Light Muraqaba (Green Light Meditation) 22.6 - Red Light Muraqaba (Red Light Meditation) 22.7 - Violet Light Muraqaba (Violet Light Meditation) 22.8 - Pink Light Muraqaba (Pink Light Meditation) 23 - Station of Ihsaan (murtaba-e-ihsaan) 24 - The Hidden World (ghayb) 25 - Muraqaba of Life after Death 25.2 - Aeraaf (Astral Plane) 25.3 - Magnificent City (in Aeraaf) 25.4 - Business (And its reward in hereafter) 25.5 - Evil Religious Leaders (And their reward) 25.6 - Gossip (and hereafter) 25.7 - Backbiting (backbiter in hereafter) 25.8 - Tall Buildings 25.9 - Angle of Death (and beloved worshipers of Allah) 25.10 - Muraqaba Nur (Muraqaba of Divine Energy) 26 - Kashf ul Qaboor (Muraqaba) 26.2 - Shah Abdul Aziz Dehialvi 27 - Dress of Soul 28.1 - Haatif Ghaybi 28.2 - Tafheem (Wisdom) 28.3 - Spiritual Journey 28.4 - Muraqaba of Heart (qalb) 28.5 - Muraqaba of Unity (Tawheed, Oneness) 28.6 - Muraqaba of Negation (Muraqaba la) 28.7 - Muraqaba of Void 28.8 - Muraqaba of ‘fana (annihilation) 28.9 - Muraqaba, Divine Names 28.10 - Name of Divine Essence (Zaat) 29 - Tassawar Shaykh (Muraqaba) 30 - Tasawwar Rasul (Muraqaba of Rasul SAW) 31 - Divine Essence (Zaat-e-Ilahi) 32 - Glossary
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