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Identifications (In dreams )

Book :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Dream 1 1

I have always been interested in learning paranormal sciences. I have seen some dreams in the past few days whose interpretation I am seeking.


  1. I was standing at the window of my room and heard Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reciting the Qur’an (Koran) in the basement. I said to myself the how beautiful the voice of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) really is.


  1. I saw myself donning white clothes and standing at my Standing beside me is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who is wearing white clothes as well. There are some people around too. Near by a big candle is glowing. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then said that the time of his death is approaching and angels are descending from heaven. I then started sobbing and said to him not to talk like that and I held his forearms and took him to another room. The other two men also accompanied us. They were standing right and left of him.


  1. During the month of Shaban (the 8th Islamic month) I saw myself strolling in the terrace of my home after All of a sudden, a white cloud starts emitting light and falls on the front wall. The light starts writing the Kalama on the wall. I then started reciting the Kalama myself. I then called to my mom and sister to come but when they arrive the light goes off.


  1. A few dogs ago, I saw in a dream that it was night and a full moon was on the All of my family was on the roof of my house. Every one said how lovely the moonlight was. I too liked the moon and the moment I raised my hand towards it, it came into my hand.



From early childhood, your ability to learn spiritual sciences was activated. Nature wants to use your spiritual abilities to assist the mission of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and, God willing, you will be able to help spread his mission. The best thing would be for you to select a spiritual master who has gone through the ups and down of the spiritual path to assist you in your spiritual endeavors.

I pray for you that God may make you the source of peace and serenity for His creatures and the medium through which the spiritual mission of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is spread across the globe (Amen).

The interpretation of all the dreams that you have seen is what I just stated above.


Dream 12

I went to sleep after performing Muraqaba. I saw in my dream that my husband and I, along with another man and woman were going somewhere. This woman took us to a desert, took my hand and started running. We were running in a circular formation and I felt like we were sinking in the sands while running. Then I felt as if we were not the only ones instead there were thousands of men and women. Everyone was holding each other’s hand and though sand was up to their neck, they kept running. I could not tell how exciting it was. Suddenly I felt like we were circling the Holy Kaaba. It was very dark but I knew that my family was there too. Though I could not tell which members of my family were there, I did know that my aunt was there. Then a white pigeon came and the entire place was lit. In the dark I could only see that pigeon; then I heard that voice of my aunt asking, “Did you know who that pigeon was?” I then asked her who it was and she said it was Sufi Master Muhammad Zachariah. I woke up right then. This is the second time in the six months that I have seen him. In the first dream, I saw his tomb.



Sufi Master Zachariah was a Qutb (see glossary). Since you have seen him in your dream, you are definitely going to get the spiritual blessing (faidh) from him. Please arrange for his soul, Quran khuwani and lungar (see glossary).


Dream 13

I have been doing Muraqaba twice: first before going to bed and second, at the predawn hour. I saw in my dream that I am running up the stairs, which are going all the way up the hill. At the hill top there is a tomb of some Sufi master. A few days later, I saw a similar dream of running up the stairs. When I reached the top, there was a shrine of some Sufi master. I was spiritually overwhelmed at the scene. I wanted to enter the shrine but then I woke up.

Before seeing these dreams I saw a long time ago that some Sufi saints were descending from the sky in a jeep, their faces were glowing. They saw me and then went away. Then came back and returned towards the sky in the same jeep.

A couple of years ago when I was in Karachi I saw a dream when after performing the pre- dawn prayers I took a nap. I saw a huge serpent coming towards me. I quickly put a basket made of wood on top of it. Right away, a bright light started coming of that basket.



You have genuine interests in learning spiritual sciences and your Soul is telling you that if you practice with persistence you will eventually succeed. During the period when you saw the dream about the snake and the basket, you had tonsillitis. If you get that again make sure you complete the treatment and the entire course of medicine. A chronic tonsillitis could result in other complications. My experience shows that a chronic tonsillitis could cause polio as well. Using color therapy oil made of yellow lights is the best cure for tonsillitis.


Dream 14

Every night before going to bed, I do Muraqaba of “visualization of Sufi master”. One night I saw that a Sufi master (author) called on us at our home. I was so happy that I wished I could tell the whole city. On our roof, there is a pot of roses whose branches extend to our terrace. We all are chatting. Then I informed all my friends that our Sufi shaykh is visiting and they all came to see him. My mom expressed the desire to visit Karachi and the Sufi shaykh invited us as well and said he would send his men to pick us up from the station. Their sign would be that they would be carrying olive oil. Then my younger sister, and I, Sufi Shaykh went to see our relative and then I shouted, “Look who is here” after seeing the dream my mom woke me up. It was the time of predawn prayers.



The dream will manifest in reality exactly the way you have seen it. In fact, your devotion has activated your inner eye in your dream. May God give you spiritual improvement immensely (Ameen)


Dream 15

I went to sleep right after doing Muraqaba and saw in my dream that two lions are sitting on a tall tree. I asked my uncle to bring a gun. While he was searching for the gun, the lions came out of the tree and went into the woods. My two cousins were going towards the woods and I warned them about the lions but they ignored my advice and went anyway. One of them was attacked by the lion and took her feet into its mouth. People had gathered at the scene however no one had the courage to intervene. I went ahead and saved her from the clutches of the lion. She looked at me thankfully. I took her into my arm, and sent her home.



Man is composed of the elements. These elements are in order. God makes the decision of their quantity. Balance is kept in the creation and there is a system of values. In this sense, sexual thoughts are also a gift of nature. There are ways to accommodate it. However to indulge in erotic thoughts way

ahead of time and to focus on it constantly is a waste of time and injurious to health as well. Things that come with time and appropriate condition should be acceptable. Man is entitled to desire but is not authorized to impose his will on others. This is what the Quran (Koran) teaches. Values are based on that we nevertheless surrender to this Divine Rule. All aspects of the dream are pointing towards this.


Dream 16

After doing Muraqaba, I went to bed immediately. I saw in my dream that in the sky words of Al-Lah and Muhammad were written. Surrounding these are flowers in a cloudy way. On my right hand there is a guy and I said to him that if the people or the government asked me to testify about this then I will testify about this. I have seen these two names with my own eyes. I often see myself praying or performing wudu in my dreams.



Beholding the glorious written names of God and the prophet Muhammad in the sky points to the pure and honest beliefs of the beholder. On the other hand, it also refers to success in life and a better future.


Dream 17

I am a student in eleventh grade; it has been three months since I started doing Muraqaba. One night 1 saw a strange dream whose interpretation I am seeking from you. The dream is as follows:


I am returning home from the house of my tutor. On my way back I looked towards the northeast side of the sky and I saw many moons in the sky and each of them had verses written on them. I became ecstatic by looking at it. That moment as I turned back to return to my tutor, I saw on the southeast side of the sky the verse of Surah al-Rahman of the Quran (Koran). I went straight to my tutor’s home. I informed him about it and he came along with me to see it. However, he could not see it. Right then I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep to see that writing one more time but could not.


I related this dream to my tutor the other day and he said it shows that my future is bright. Please interpret the dream for me.



The rule of giving dream interpretation is that once an interpretation is given, any other interpretation of the same dream should not be given. Because after listening to the interpretation the subconscious registers that interpretation. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has instructed that dreams can only be related to a person who has some knowledge of the technicalities of giving interpretation. Dreaming is one of the branches of Divine Knowledge (ilm ladani). This Divine Knowledge is not one that can be learned in academies. This branch of knowledge is a gift from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is received only through his blessings.

See this article in printed book on the pages (or page): 68 to 72

یہ تحریر اردو (Urdu) میں بھی دستیاب ہے۔

Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation) chapters :

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