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Muraqaba (meditation)

Meditate for peace of mind

Humanity that is suffering from fear, horror and feelings of vulnerability and is entangled in pains and misfortunes has as the only way for humankind to get rid of this situation the line of action of meditation (muraqaba). For meditation (muraqaba) is an act by which we can recover our lost power and restores ourselves to the line of dignified nations.


Every particle of the earth is the reflection of the picture of Adam. But when this particle takes on a shape and is embodied, then the journey of mortality starts. Man is mixed up in the sand and becomes sand. The particles of sand, like the chameleon …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

سرخ روشنی

لو بلڈ پریشر، انیمیا، گھٹیا، دل کا گھٹنا، دل کا ڈوبنا، توانائی کا کم محسوس کرنا، بزدلی، نروس بریک ڈاؤن، دماغ میں مایوس کن خیالات آنا، موت کا خوف، اونچی آواز سے دماغ میں چوٹ محسوس ہونا وغیرہ کے لئے سرخ روشنی کا مراقبہ کرایا جاتا ہے۔ کیس: ڈاکٹر نیاز حسین …

Reference :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)

Diffusing Fragrance

If a person has peace in his inner being, then he can be a source of satisfaction and peace for others. If his reflections are cool and the fragrance of his life radiates outward, then his spiritual feelings are real. But if the person himself is far f …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Mental Concentration

In our material life we have various abilities to perform different tasks. All of these are the abilities of the conscious mind. For example the ability to touch, to feel, to listen, to smell, to behold, to taste, to speak, to hold, to walk, to sleep o …

Reference :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)

ساقی ! ترا مخمور پئے گا سوبار

ساقی ! ترا مخمور پئے گا سوبار گردش میں ہے ساغر تو رہے گا سوبار سو بار جو ٹوٹے تو مجھے کیاغم ہے ! ساغر مری مٹی سے بنے گا سوبار میں اس بات کا غم کیوں کروں کہ ساغر ٹوٹ گیا ہے۔ یہ پیالہ میری ہی ذات سے بنا ہے اور میرا وجود بھی ان ذرّوں سے بنا ہے۔ مجھے مرنے …

Reference :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.


Do not frighten children, because the hidden fear in the mind in the early stages of life will remain in the brain for their whole life, and scared children are unable to make a name for themselves in the world. Using harsh words and abusing children a …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


According to parapsychology, in order to attain spiritual power it is necessary that we understand the workings of the mind and understand the brain as a computer. It is obvious that as long as we do not separate ourselves from this system and concentr …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Saving from operation

A man was admitted into Seven Day Hospital for the pain in abdomen. When doctors failed to diagnose the cause of pain, they decided to open his abdomen. The operation was due the next day. Patient’s father came to Qalander Baba Auliya in the night and …

Reference :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.


It has been proven scientifically that the life of plants, rocks, animals, and humans acts on the basis of an electrical system. The electrical energy obtained from the human body is enough to turn on an electric torch or a pocket radio. It has been pr …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


Hypocrisy develops in the dissembling, fraudulent and selfish person. The suggestions of the demon of evil penetrate him. As a result, the person whom the angels adore, ends up under the control of others after becoming unaware of himself.

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Six Colours

The basic element, or fundamental ingredient, of the universe is colour or combination of colours. According to the colours and with the decrease or increase of colour, different creations come into being. Humanity is the best creation of God, a creati …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

The Ups and Downs

A Human being wants a life that knows nothing of mortality. He desires health that is unaware of disease. He wants youthfulness that does not know about old age. But it never happened this way. Youthfulness becomes old age. Diseases continue to overcom …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


From the spiritual point of view, when a baby comes into this world from its mother’s womb it has a supply of lights by which it can live for five thousand years. The baby then wastes this stock of lights with its ignorance, false dignity and ostentati …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and the most Merciful God created Adam and Eve and sent them to earth for spreading their progeny upon the earth. Creation of man is ever continuing according to the will and plan of the Creator. With the increa …

Reference :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.


Half of our life is dreams, and they tell us that there are senses in humans that reveal the unseen world to them. In dreams or in the sense of dream, time and space do not control us but rather we control them. Because dreams are not subject to the li …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Rabia Basri

Oh, My Mother, My Sister, My Darling Daughter! Man and woman are creations of God. In every man and woman there is one soul that comes from God. Every woman has all those abilities and attributes that God has entrusted to man. If women can become Rabia …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Sounding Clay

God says in the Quran: “This book guides those who have voluptuousness in God.” And elsewhere God declares: “I have made the Human with sounding clay.” Here God explains the nature of this sand as space or a vacuum. It is important to understand that v …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


If we plant a seedling after first clearing away the rubbish from the ground, then it will grow fast and give good fruit when it becomes a young plant. Similarly, when we plant a new tree in the mind after first cleansing it, then it brings forth leave …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Dust Bin

When water vapour evaporates from the sea it becomes a cloud and from there when it falls on the deserts it again evaporates the air. When it falls in the garden it goes on the flowers as dew. From there it comes into the stomach and becomes part of th …

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


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