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Muraqaba (meditation)

Meditate for peace of mind

Humanity that is suffering from fear, horror and feelings of vulnerability and is entangled in pains and misfortunes has as the only way for humankind to get rid of this situation the line of action of meditation (muraqaba). For meditation (muraqaba) is an act by which we can recover our lost power and restores ourselves to the line of dignified nations.


It is said that today is the time of the ascendancy of development. It becomes evident after the analysis of this ascendancy that the meaning of development is an unending series of tyranny and cruelty. The real meaning of this development is that the

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


Oh, human being! Tear away the blinders that hinder your memory screen and peer inside. Do you not remember those pleasant days when you used to breathe the air of freedom (Heaven)? There was neither pangs of hunger nor thirst, nor did the hot sunshine

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Plants and Rocks

Qalander Baba Auliya says there is only one subconscious mind working in the universe. With this mind the waves of the unseen world and those of observation (Shahood) comprehend each other even though they may exist at opposite ends of the earth. Thus

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Hostile world, just a moment

Hostile world, just a moment World is confined in a moment You have been granted a moment World passes by passing moment Explanation It takes only a moment to deceive and trick. This entire world is confined in a single moment. In this momentary world

Reference :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.

What’s the outcome of a sip?

What’s the outcome of a sip? What difference would it make? 0′ the wine-server, serve me free! Who knows, I have another breath? Explanation Life spent here in this world is no more than a sip of wine. It does not make any difference whether one gets i

Reference :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.


All the creatures in this colourful world are like a family. Even if is on this planet in the Milky Way or if it is a species of people living on distant planets, only one blood is circulating in all of them. Their creation came about according to one

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

ساقی ترے قدموں میں گزرنی ہے عمر

ساقی ترے قدموں میں گزرنی ہے عمر پینے کے سوا کیا مجھے کرنی ہے عمر پانی کی طرح آج پلادے بادہ پانی کی طرح کل تو بکھرنی ہے عمر حضور قلندر بابا اولیا ٗ ؒ اس رباعی میں فرماتے ہیں کہ عارفوں کے نزدیک زندگی کا مقصد صرف شراب معرفت کی لذتوں سے بہرہ در ہونا ہے یا

Reference :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.


The meaning of contentment is not only a matter of gaining independence from money. No one can be completely free from money and desires. The necessities of life and the need to put food on the table for family members are inevitable and have a relatio

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Imaginary Horse

Those people who accumulate gold and silver and do not spend it in the name of God suffer from painful anguish. To earn money is not a bad thing. The agony comes from thinking that wealth is everything and the venom of this wrongheaded thinking flows l

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


Sky and earth and everything that is present in the sky and on earth have been brought under dominion for humanity. The Quran boldly states that iron has many advantages for humankind. Those people who have discovered the capabilities of iron have gain

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


Mountains have consciousness. Mountains also breathe and grow young. Since the formula of creation and development in the case of mountains is different, we feel that they are standing fixed at a point. A man takes twenty breaths in a minute, whereas m

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Backbiting (backbiter in hereafter)

There was this person walking with fear and had a knife with him. O’ God, he stabbed another person with his knife and started drinking the blood. Because of drinking the blood he started vomiting. He got very weak and said, “I wish I had known in the

Reference :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)

Dreams related to ailments (sickness)

The following is a list of dreams sent by students and their interpretations given by the author of this book.   A female student reports: I am very much interested in learning spiritual studies. Whenever I get a chance, I do Muraqaba. The followi

Reference :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)


When the Prophet Abraham was growing up, there came a moment during the search for the truth when he became deeply contemplative. During this gnostic phase of the search for the Beloved, his mind at first turned to the outward objects and toward the ve

Reference :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)


The speech of the friends of God is full of secrets, enigmas and knowledge of God. Every word out of their mouth is full of knowledge and wisdom. The sayings and doings of these holy people are an enlightening pathway for the devotees of spiritualism.

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

Dreams about the future

Dream 18 I went to sleep right after Muraqaba. In the dream I saw that I am in the residence of my maternal grandmother and watching the sky glittering. One of the stars which is red suddenly falls under my feet. Everyone was surprised. Then that star

Reference :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)


In the eyes of the free person who has the Qalander consciousness, the well-wisher, people who begrudge what others have, and those look on another’s attainments with admiring envy, pure people, people full of sin, those without personal interest, self

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)

The Hands of Nature

Nature spreads its message by lighting one lamp from another. The torch of knowledge keeps moving from one hand to another. What, therefore, is the meaning of the Qutub, Ghous, Wali, Adbaal, Sufi and Qalander? These are the hands of nature that carry t

Reference :KASHKOAL (BOWL)


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