From The Translater’s Desk

As a ninth-grader I was inspired by the way Mathew Star of the popular English serial “Powers of Mathew Star” used his telepathic powers to help people. It was 1984 and I wanted to have the power to do likewise. Later, thinking about Star’s program, I saw my mother’s Copy of the Roohani Digest, and […]


There are always in this world certain specific people of God who are brimful of blessings deriving from the observation of the unseen world. When these specific people analyze the majority of people in world, they feel sorrow. For the majority of people think the few days of life in this world are the real […]


It is said that today is the time of the ascendancy of development. It becomes evident after the analysis of this ascendancy that the meaning of development is an unending series of tyranny and cruelty. The real meaning of this development is that the people who are starving to death and those who are barely […]


There is not a single person in the population of the world who wants to sicken and die. If life were in one’s control, then no one in this world would die. Similarly, all the basic aspects of life and all the activities on which our life is based are not in our control. If […]


The Quran says “There are sights and truths for the believers.” This means that the characteristic of believers is that they have a deep insight into the realities of skies and earth, as well as the formulae of creation of the skies and earth. The power of observation of the believers unveils the solar systems. […]

The Sub-subconscious

If we categorize the customary or current sciences in this world, we can divide them into three parts: physics, psychology and parapsychology. The knowledge of physics covers those activities of life that can give limited benefit to the person. The axis of thinking of such a person is matter. Such a person can never come […]

The Deception of Sight

Today’s science after research and struggle has come to a point where it says that the whole universe is a display of one energy or power. Yet this disclosure is not new. Many people in our ancestral past have described a picture of man as being built on colours of different kinds of thoughts. It […]

Aerial Globe

What is imagination? Where does thought come from? It  is important to understand these things. If we ignore these questions then many realities will remain hidden and the chain of truth, which is linked to understanding this problem, will remain unknown. Whenever a thought comes to mind it has some universal reason. The incoming thoughts […]


Half of our life is dreams, and they tell us that there are senses in humans that reveal the unseen world to them. In dreams or in the sense of dream, time and space do not control us but rather we control them. Because dreams are not subject to the limitations of time and space, […]

The Spiritual Man

By meditation a person becomes aware of the unseen world, the same way he becomes aware of the apparent world. When the devotee or spiritual student enters the unseen world just as he lives his life this material world and fulfills all his life needs, so in a similar way visualizes the solar system and […]

Spatial Wire

Some astronauts have gone into space. They report that at an altitude over a hundred miles you feel weightlessness. But if you want to know the truth or what the reality is, you will see that three and a half billion people, along with quadruped animals, are all hanging by their feet from earth. But […]


It has been said that this world has been destroyed a number of times, specifically it has been said that it has been destroyed sixteen times and then repopulated afterwards. Beautiful, colourful and decorated with gardens, attractive snowy mountains and crystalline waterfalls, this world, which is the home of the beautiful sun and rays of […]


Thought is the name of the information that brings us closer to life at every moment. From birth to old age all the activities of life move on the current of thought. Sometimes we get information that we are a child, then we receive information that we are young, and then the same information is […]

The Supreme Ruler

When a person believes that any tiny movement in the universe or any big or small thing in the universe is based on the system made by God, then a pattern of belief is formed in that person. When this pattern is put into action and different events come into life, then the links between […]

In Need

How strange it is that the Quran accepts our sovereignty and command of the universe and opens for us the doors of sovereignty and command, and yet we think the Quran is but an auspicious book we have decorated on the bookshelf. When we fall into misery then we recite the verses of the Quran […]

Deaf and Dumb

Intelligent, mature and conscientious people should study scenes of earth and sky and they should think deeply with wisdom and intelligences about what they see in these scenes. Oh, Prophet Muhammad (PB.U.H.)! You tell people that they should observe whatever is present on earth and whatever is present in the skies. Yet is it not […]