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What the senses are?

Book :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Qalander Baba Auliya knew what others didn’t. He stated the hidden and obscure facts. Once in a sitting he said:

There are few things that one ignores considering them unreal, whims, drea or just a passing thought whereas there is nothing in the universe that is superfluous, extra or unreal. Each and every thought and fantasy has one or the other cosmic fact in its background.

This is worth considering. What is Fantasy? From where does a thought come? If these questions are ignored, many facts would remain obscure and the chain of facts that entirely depend upon understanding these things would remain incomplete. When a thought comes into our mind, it has to have some cosmic reason. Inception of a thought is the proof of the fact that some movement has taken place on the screen of the mind. This movement is not minds own movement, it relates to those cosmic strings that move the cosmic system in a particular sequence. For instance, a gust of air is the result of a change in atmospheric sphere. Similarly, when something comes into the mind that means some movement has taken place in the Unconscious: Understanding of this movement depends upon the human mind’s pursuit.

Human mind has two planes. One; that associates the movement of the individual’s mind with the cosmic movement i.e. this movement associates the intentions and feelings of an individual mind with the overall cosmic intentions and feelings and the other one brings the individual intentions and feelings to the mind of an individual. Both these planes generate two types of  senses; the positive senses and the negative senses. The positive senses, in a way, are the division of the senses that takes place in the state of wakefulness and the same is the Serial Time. Regions of this division are organs of the physical body. Thus, our physical functions are performed because of this division. Different organs and limbs performs different functions simultaneously i.e. eyes are viewing something, ears are hearing some sounds, hands are occupied with another thing and feet are having the realization of yet another thing, the tongue is enjoying the taste of something and the nose is busy in detecting the smells. All these ,things are done and handled simultaneously  and mind, at the same time, is occupied with thottghts of altogether different things. This is the way of functioning of the positive senses. The stimuli of the negative senses, in contrast to them, are not related to with the human intentions. For instance; although all the senses referred above actively participate in the state of dreaming, the static position of the limbs and organs indicates accumulation of these senses in one single point of the mind. The movement occurring in this point during dreaming is divided and distributed in the body organs in the state of wakefulness. These senses before their distribution in the organs and limbs could be named as Negative senses but, after these are distributed, it would be appropriate to call them positive senses. It demands careful consideration that both the positive and negative senses cannot rally on the same one plane. We have to acknowledge their existence in two different planes of the mind. In terms of Sufism, the plane of negative senses is called Simple Nasma and  the positive plane is known as Compound  Nasma.

Compound Nasma is the name of such a movement, which is regular in its occurrence i.e. the movement occurs moment by moment. Spatiality of this movement is the moments of time that have such a sequence, which constructs Space.

Every moment is a Space, or to say, the entire Space is in the grip of the moments. Moments surround the Space in such a way that the Space finds itself confined among them and is constrained to revolve in the cycle of moments to keep its presence available in the Cosmic Conscious.

Original moments exist in the knowledge of God. The universe is the detailed exhibition of that knowledge which is captioned by these moments. God has  stated in the holy Quran, “I created everything with two sides.” Thus, creation, too, is no exception. One aspect of the creation is the moments, that is, the inner of  the moments or their Conscious is monochromatic and the other aspect of the moments is their manifestation or the Omni- chromatic Conscious. On one hand, the universe is in the grip of the moments and, on the other, individuals of the universe are the clutches of these moments. The moments move simultaneously on two planes. Movement of one plane occurs in every object of the universe separately. This movement constructs that Conscious which keeps that object in the sphere of its individual entity. Movements from the second plane flow through all the objects of the universe simultaneously, and construct that conscious which keeps all the objects present in one single circle. In one plane, individuals of the universe exist separately. that is, the every individual has a distinct and separate Conscious. In the other plane of the moments, conscious of all the individuals is concentric.

Thus, both these planes of moments are two Conscious, one that is Individual Conscious and the other is Collective Conscious. This central Conscious, in general terminology is known as the Unconscious.

This content is also available in: اردو (Urdu)

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