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Suggestions (for dreams)

Book :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Dream 5

I am a retired government officer. I am 65 years old. I do Muraqaba every night for 15 minutes before going to bed. I saw in my dream that my son is getting married even though he is married and saw that his wife is actively involved in his second wedding.



You made a promise to someone but have not fulfilled it. Your conscience is reminding you of your obligation. Listen to your conscience or else you may have a nervous breakdown eventually.


Dream 6

Last night after doing the Muraqaba I went to sleep right away. I saw that my neighbor’s house was on fire and the fire eventually reaching our home and part of it was being burnt. I, instead of extinguishing the fire, was wishing that it would grow. My dad warned me not to inflame the fire otherwise the roof would fall and the entire house would be destroyed and that would be a huge loss to us.



This dream is a warning. The person who saw that dream should avoid a behavior that led to a situation in his business and on which he is wrongly insisting. He should rethink and change his behavior.


Dream 7

I often go to sleep after doing Muraqaba. One night I saw in a dream that I have a 4 -year-old daughter. My sister-in-law is insisting that I should beat my daughter because she is not pretty. I then grab her hand and my sister-in-law cuts her hand. After that, I sever my daughter’s hand. Then after few moments when I see her, I saw that her hands are okay and are attached to her body. Then I saw one of her hands was cut and the other had only one .finger and a thumb. I got frightened and start crying and I said to myself how bad I am that I cut the limb of my own daughter.



Symbolic images of backbiting and uncontrolled anger were displayed in the dream. The subconscious is strongly protesting this behavioral pattern. If the guidance of the subconscious is not followed, the consequences will not be pleasant.


Dream 8

Since last Saturday, I have started practicing Muraqaba after the pre-dawn prayers. The other night I saw in my dream that Jam going to Karachi. On my way to Karachi, I met several people who stabbed me. My whole body was blooded. Then I saw that they locked me in a room. When I was stabbed, I shouted and cried, however during crying no tears were coming out of my eyes. The place where I was locked there was another man who slaughtered a pony and gave me the flesh. Then I saw that there was a huge jungle in which bears and lions, cheetahs and dogs were roaming freely. They started following me but I was able to run faster and started flying in the air. When I landed, I was surprised to see that there were no animals around. Then I started to climb a thorny tree and then all of a sudden a bear starts chasing me. Then I climbed a mountain and saw an elephant. The elephant ran away after seeing another man; however, the bear stood there. Then after coming down from the mountain I started attacking the bear with a knife. The bear ran away after that and returned to my city (Multan).



All the different sketches of the dream point to anxiety, insecurity, worries, and ailing health. All these conditions came into being because the person who saw the dream is overly emotional. There is no balance in life. Consumption of food is improper as well.


Dream 9

I usually do Muraqaba daily and try not to miss it. I saw a dream, which I would like you to interpret for me. I saw that it was nighttime. The sky was of light blue color. When I looked up to see the sky I saw bright stars. In the middle of stars was a big moon. Near the moon, there is a fairy standing, wearing a glittery dress. She is wearing a shiny crown and has a white stick in her hand. There are stars in that stick as well and she is smiling at me.



Even since early childhood, you have a habit of thinking and daydreaming. Due to the overindulgence of that behavior you have become ultra-sensitive. Because of which you have become unhappy and depressed, life seems like a collection of unhappy events. When that condition became serious and the nervous system itself was being affected then it showed you this pleasant dream so that you may feel lighthearted. The dream you saw must have been quite a while ago because it does not reflect any thing about the practice of Muraqaba that you have been doing.


Dream 10

Even since I started Muraqaba, I have been seeing geometrical figures in my dreams often.

Whenever I see them, I get scared. These figures sometimes evolve into a tree.

ย  ย ย ย ย 


These figures represent the close friends who spend most of their time in the company of each other. Either they spend time together every day or at least several times in a week. There are a total of six or seven friends. Three of them are naive and down to earth and nice, however the others are the bad seed. They are the kind of friends who give you wrong advice and are bad influence.



You have to be very cautions of these friends who give you intentionally wrong advice. Otherwise, you could end up in big trouble. (God forbids)


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This content is also available in: ุงุฑุฏูˆ (Urdu)

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