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Book :His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A.

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Loh-o-Qalam (Pen and the Scripturum)

Management of the monthly Roohani Digest has taken a very timely and commendable decision of publishing the wonderful work of Qalander Baba Auliya; Loh-o-Qalam, in monthly installments, once again. The readers that have studies these remarkable series of articles with interest, know it well that this is not an ordinary work on spiritualism or spiritual teachings, but its contents help the readers to open up their minds besides acquainting them with the secrets and mysteries of nature and that have been remained obscure from the modern sciences. This treasure, which Qalander Baba Auliya has left behind, will prove to be a beacon of light for the times to come.

There will be a time when the people would be familiar with the mysteries and secrets that have been expounded in Loh-o-Qalam, and that would be the time when the revolution would dawn upon the world and man’s heart and mind would be blessed with enlightenment to form that system where the evils and selfishness of present age would not have any place.

This age, in which every one of us is suffering from stress and strain, anxiety and disquiet and materialism is reaching its peak. The bright light of materialism might be able to dazzle the sight buy it has no solace for the soul. Matter is not stable similar is the fate of the materialism, this is the law of nature and there is no exception to it.

Qalander Baba Auliya was 85 years of this world and most horrifying and destructive incidents happened before his eyes. He witnessed the force of materialism progressing and saw how ruthlessly humanity is trodden down. Under the decorated veil of comforts and luxuries man is being crushed by restlessness, discomfort and mental tortures.

Qalander Baba Auliya used to mention the ever deteriorating state of the people of present age and of Muslims in particular. He was of the opinion that the main reason of the worse state is their ignorance and having no nucleus. He also insisted, rather it was his mission, and that Muslims must not spare any effort to excel in every field of art and science but with that they must also remember that the material prosperity and progress should not become their aim and objective of their life. They should also be paying attention to develop their insight and vision.

In this age of machines one side man is progressing materially but on the other side he is suffering degradation in his spiritual life. If his head is touching the skies, his feet are . not rising up the dust. Head is swollen from his material advancement but feet are trapped in the deep quagmire of destruction, insecurity and uncertainties. In such tormented state Qalander Baba Auliya is a great blessing. If we didn’t enlightened our hearts by his teachings we would certainly be amongst the people who won’t be having the right even to feel sorry for their loss.
The biggest source of his teaching is his most remarkable book, Loh-o-Qalum, which we are required to study it thoroughly and make it a source of our inspirations to enlighten our hearts, minds and soul an know the secrets of spiritualism to enter the realm of divinity and to command the forces of nature.

Qalander Baba Auliya started to dictate the initial manuscript of this book in 1957 and it complete in about two years. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi was made to pen down the contents of this book. Once he told the writer about his honor of writing this work. Qalander Baba Auliya resided in those days in Khwaja Sahib’s house in Nazimabad. Almost every day in the evening some people would gather there and had a sitting with Qalander Baba Auliya. In those sittings he would listen to the problems of people and suggested them their solutions and sometime when someone would ask a question, he would explain many things about spiritualism. Sometimes in those sittings he would express his concern over the degradation of the Muslim world. After the fall of Muslim states Muslims of subcontinent were feeling depressed whereas, others were busy in constructing their future by developing their resources of knowledge and practice. Those amongst Muslims, who were concerned about this situation, took refuge in monasteries and sought shelter of mysticism. Public in general could not find any way out in the financial and intellectual crises. Failure of Independence war in 1857 proved to be a great blow and the Muslims of Subcontinent slid deeper into their miseries.

We do want to discuss the historical factors here but cannot refuse the fact that in those disheartening situation if there was any ray of hope it was from these very monasteries and the people of wisdom and knowledge who were running these institutions. But, due to lack of organization these didn’t prove to be of any use because it was mostly traditional things or the knowledge that was supposed to be transferred only in disciplic succession. Sources of Sufism and spiritualism were mostly in the form of the sayings of the saints and most of them pertained to the teachings of the articles of Islam and in that too stories and biographical were predominating. The path that was made available by the physical sciences was only guiding towards the material knowledge and material progress.

Islam being a complete code of conduct is not against the material advancement nor does it shun the material progress. Islam actually teaches that worldly prosperity and comforts are the means of the completion of life but at the same time it also demands that Muslims should not become the slaves of these comforts and luxuries but they should also be striving for their personal well being and spiritual development. And, this is the real purpose of one’s life in this world.

Qalander Baba Auliya wanted to compile a practicable and concise document to acquaint the Muslims with their actual heritage of knowledge; the knowledge of spiritualism. He often said, “Even after the lapse of 1400 years solid arrangements couldn’t be made to teach the spiritual sciences or to acquaint people with them. And, very naturally as a result we don’t see even a single book that could cater the needs of those who are desirous of learning the mysteries of universe and wanted to know about the domains of spiritual realms in simple and straight forward manner.

These were the feelings that lead him to decide to present the principles of spiritual science in a very simple worded narration for the guidance of the seekers of reality. For this noble purpose, he selected Khwaja Sahib to start notes. It was decided that daily in the last part of the night he would be dictating the contents and Khwaja Sahib would be taking notes for one and a half an hour to two hours daily. And they got to work very soon after it was decided.
Selection of Khwaja Sahib and making him to take note in the early hours of morning is very meaningful in terms of its productivity. It has been stated in the holy Quran,

“Their sides keep away from their beds and they call upon their Lord in fear and hope and spend in charity out of what We have provided them. And, no soul knows what joy of eyes has been kept hidden for the, the recompense of their deeds.” (Surah Sajda, V: 1516)

They both used to get up at 3.30 am and would sit in an isolated room away from all other meMbers of the family. Qalander Baba Auliya in his typical soft tone would start saying what Khwaja Sahib had to pen down in a thick register, engrossed and fully attentive. If at any place Khwaja would not understand, he would merely lift his .eyes from the register and look at Qalander Baba Auliya and he would repeat what he was saying or describe and if he deemed it necessary made a chart or map to indicate the various extraterrestrial realms and regions. This sitting would last for about two hours.

Khwaja Sahib says, “If due to some reason I couldn’t get up, Qalander Baba Auliya, would come and awoke me.” Sometime during taking dictation he would even dose off and Qalander Baba Auliya would very politely make him to be attentive. Remembering those delightful days, Khwaja Sahib has many times said, “Those two years pass so very fast as if it was just on sitting that completed so soon.”

Khwaja Sahib takes great pride in having the privilege of taking the notes of this remarkable work. When the book got completed Qalander Baba Auliya revised it and made necessary amendments and then few copies were made after getting them typed. These copies were made available with his ardent students and followers.

Thus this book on the subject of the creation and Administration of the cosmos was made available for the mankind. As Qalander Baba Auliya himself said this is first ever book that contains the details and knowledge about the spiritual science in an arranged and organized form.

The biggest of all qualities of this book is that it is presented in the most eloquent manner in a simple worded narration. It is the clear headedness of Qalander Baba Auliya, which made the most profound facts so very easily understandable and a. quest reader’s mind does not feel any ambiguity at any place during the course of its reading. This work is a master piece of simplicity and dept of knowledge.

Its language is most sophisticated and flowing like the water of a brook that irrigates the minds of the readers and makes him to measure the fathomless depths of the most sublime body of the knowledge that once used to be considered most secretive and was taught to the most selected people.

Qalander Baba Auliya has said about this book that one who would study ,it with an open mind and heart, with the desire of learning pure facts about God, God would bless him with resources of equipping him with insight and vision and he would enjoy the wealth of knowledge and the world.

(Contributed by Professor Sheikh Faqir Mohammad)  

یہ تحریر اردو (Urdu) میں بھی دستیاب ہے۔

His Divine Grace Qalandar Baba Auliya R.A. chapters :

ِ Dedication – to that young generation  ِ 1 - Foreword  ِ 2 - Life Of Qalander Baba Auliya  ِ 3 - Qalander  ِ 4 - Qalanderi Order  ِ 5 - Introduction  ِ 6 - Birth Place  ِ 7 - Education  ِ 8 - Spiritual Training  ِ 9 - Family  ِ 10 - Livelihood  ِ 11 - Induction  ِ 12 - Spiritual Position  ِ 13 - Mannerism  ِ 14 - Childhood and youth  ِ 15 - Precious Qualities  ِ 16 - Greatness  ِ 17 - His Children  ِ 18 - Books Authored  ِ 19 - Wonder-Workings  ِ 20 - Pigeon resurrected  ِ 21 - Deaf and dumb girl  ِ 22 - Incessant raining  ِ 23 - I lifted the basket  ِ 24 - Amount of Alimony  ِ 25 - Angels  ِ 26 - Musk Odor  ِ 27 - Love and sacrifice  ِ 28 - Cholistan Jungle  ِ 29 - Seeing God in everything around  ِ 30 - Down on the ground  ِ 31 - Jinns  ِ 32 - Prediction  ِ 33 - Trees also talk  ِ 34 - Lal Shahbaz Qalander  ِ 35 - Man at Service  ِ 36 - Angels protect  ِ 37 - Lottery Number  ِ 38 - Looking after the family  ِ 39 - Sapphire Ring  ِ 40 - Prayer of a Qalander  ِ 41 - وراثتِ علم لدنّی  ِ 42 - Revealing the Future  ِ 43 - 25 Bodies of Auliya  ِ 44 - Freud and Libido  ِ 45 - جسم مثالی یا AURA  ِ 46 - Saving from operation  ِ 47 - Distant Treatment  ِ 48 - Hundred thousand Rupees  ِ 49 - Polio Cured  ِ 50 - Cap disappears, Jinns appear  ِ 51 - The Scar  ِ 52 - Rain-water turning into pearls  ِ 53 - Degree of Japan  ِ 54 - After eighteen years  ِ 55 - Mouthful of Blood  ِ 56 - Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz & Bu Ali Shah Qalander  ِ 57 - Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai  ِ 58 - Water turned bitter  ِ 59 - Spiritual treatment of tumor  ِ 60 - Metaphysical or Paranormal  ِ 61 - An article  ِ 62 - Man’s Conscious Experience  ِ 63 - Time is the Past  ِ 64 - Past and Future  ِ 65 - What the senses are?  ِ 66 - Self Realization  ِ 67 - Knower of the Mysteries of Nature  ِ 68 - Attendance in Court of Muhammad PBUH  ِ 67 - Be! And it was  ِ 68 - A Letter  ِ 69 - Thousands year before  ِ 70 - The sun is center, not the Earth  ِ 71 - Freud’s Theory  ِ 72 - Parapsychology  ِ 73 - Parapsychology & psychology  ِ 74 - Publications  ِ 75 - Rubaiyat (Couplets)  ِ limitations don’t allow me to say and share  ِ Just a word that became a story  ِ No idea as to where from I come  ِ In dust is buried the man of dust  ِ Abandoned the flowing springs of wine,  ِ Every breath is a sip of wine for me  ِ When the body would be without life  ِ Hostile world, just a moment  ِ World is an artwork of magic  ِ What’s the outcome of a sip?  ِ Church, temple or the mosques  ِ Arch of light upon the forehead  ِ No one knows of their heads and crowns  ِ Life went by on earth in gloom,  ِ Every particle follows a typical growing  ِ Adam is confined in lines  ِ Scarcity of wine in the wine-shop  ِ All will contemplate one day  ِ Wine cup knows not  ِ Time favors you or not, bewail not  ِ ساقی ! ترا مخمور پئے گا سوبار  ِ کل روز ازل یہی تھی میری تقدیر  ِ ساقی ترے قدموں میں گزرنی ہے عمر  ِ 75.24 - آدم کا کوئی نقش نہیں ہے بے کار  ِ حق یہ ہے کہ بیخودی خودی سے بہتر  ِ جبتک کہ ہے چاندنی میں ٹھنڈک کی لکیر  ِ پتھر کا زمانہ بھی ہے پتھر میں اسیر  ِ مٹی سے نکلتے ہیں پرندے اڑ کر  ِ معلوم ہے تجھ کو زند گانی کا راز ؟  ِ مٹی کی لکیریں ہیں جو لیتی ہیں سانس  ِ ہر چیز خیالات کی ہے پیمائش  ِ ساقی کا کرم ہے میں کہاں کامئے نوش  ِ 76 - Demise  ِ 77 - خانقاہ عظیمیہ  ِ 78 - Death Anniversary (Urs)  ِ 79 - Introduction of Silsila Azeemia & Rules & Regulations  ِ 80 - The color of Azeemi Spiritual Order  ِ 81 - سنگ بنیاد  ِ 82 - Khanwada-e-Salasil  ِ 83 - Tone  ِ 84 - Aims and Objectives  ِ 85 - قواعد و ضوابط
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