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Proof of Vahii

Book :Muraqaba (The art and science of Sufi meditation)

Author :Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Quran (Koran) Sura aal- imran 66:

“These events are among the news of the unseen. We do vahii about them to you. And you were not there when they were drawing to decide who would take care of Mary. And you were not there when they were disputing among themselves.”

According to the above verse, the vahii comes from God. Vahii is that form of pure light (nur) that carries esoteric information. This information may be of past events or of future happenings. That is why God has informed His Prophets and Apostles of both the past (history) and the future. Other than that, vahii has nothing to do with the individual’s consciousness or discretion. Instead, vahii is in fact Divine Wisdom.

Sura Aeraaf 203:


“And when you do not bring any ayat to them- they say-why did you not make it on your own? Say, I only follow what was vahii to me from my Lord. These are the bright signs from your Lord. They are guidance and blessing for those people who are of faith.”


Vahii is further explained in Sura- shura 51-52:


“And no human has the privilege to converse with Him (directly) unless thro ugh vahii or behind the Veil or else He sends a messenger on whom He would vahii whatever He pleases. Verily He is of high Glory and Wise. And just like that we sent a vahii toward you; Our Word through Our Will. You knew neither what book was nor what faith was. But We made that book a nur. We guide whomever We wish among Our servants.”


In these verses, all types of vahii are discussed. God has called vahii His words. The word of God is revealed in many different ways, sometimes through vahii, while at others, mysteriously. For instance, Moses glimpsed the Divine Light (tadjalli). On Mount Sinai God revealed His Divine Light in the burning bush. Moses conversed with God. This type of vahii is known as the hidden or veiled one. This Divine Light became the veil between God and Moses. So that he was not able to see God, instead he only glimpsed the Divine Veil. Through this Veil, he communicated with God.

In other case, vahii was delivered to the Prophets through Archangel Gabriel. After the end of Prophethood, vahii is no longer used. However, its sub-types (branches) kashaf; ilhaam and alqaa (intuition) still exist. This is what was mentioned in the above verses of the Quran (Koran) that no human has the privilege. Here the word human is used, Prophet or Apostle was not used. This suggests that even an ordinary mortal can communicate with the Divine through the sub-type of vahii. Also included in these sub-types are true dreams.

In Sura Nahal of the Quran (Koran), God is said to have vahii a honeybee. The vahii of honeybee is also a part of its sub branch, which is different from the vahii sent to the Prophets and Apostles. That system which was designated for Prophets and Apostles ended with the closure of Prophethood. Nevertheless, even after the Prophets, God’s wisdom and His discretion and His communication with His creatures continue through the sub-branches of vahii.

God is pure light (nur). His words are also nur. Although God is as close to us as our jugular nerve, we are unable to comprehend His Essence with our conscious (physical) senses. Which means that for us to absorb vahii, which is the light (nur) of the Word of God, our consciousness has to be powerful or strong enough so that it can withstand its impact. Based on these levels of consciousness, there are several forms of vahii.

God’s Prophets are trained and taught directly by the Divine, that is why their consciousness was strong enough to absorb the pure light (nur) of vahii directly into their latifa’ qalbi (generator of heart). All the generators (latifa) of Soul are the center points where the incoming lights (nur) are stored. The generators of Heart (latifa qalbi) and Soul (latifa nafsi) are the spheres in which all the worldly lights are kept, which means that under normal circumstances these spheres absorb the material (physical) lights. However under unique circumstances these centers can also absorb and store the non-physical light (nur) and the Divine light (tadjalli). Their strength can be enhanced at will. Until the ability to absorb nur is established, no nur can be transferred, just as a full glass cannot hold any more water.

The lights that are transferred into consciousness from the subconscious are the cognition of the spirit (ruh). This cognition performs under the influence of nur and tadjalli. In other words, the human spirit (ruh insani) has three usual lenses. One lens (sight) works in the material world. The second works in the realm of pure light (nur). And the third one works in the realm of Divine Light (tadjalli).

In all three zones of the universe, there are worlds of living creatures. In every zone the system of the Divine Names is working. The fixed quantity of these Divine Names is controlling all the systems of the universe. In every zone different quantities of the tadjalli are working. Based on the level of these quantities, the universal system is composed of various formulas. These formulas can be observed with the help of the lens of the Divine Light (tadjalli). With the lens of the pure light (nur) the esoteric form of the things that are formed by these formulas can be seen. Moreover, with the material lens the outward or physical body of these things can be observed. Hence, any particular being exists simultaneously in all three zones. In other words, the universe is divided into three zones. One of the zones is visible to us all the time; however, the other two are hidden from our sight.

The zones that are hidden from the sight are the subconscious. The sight of the spirit (ruh) that functions in the subconscious and works in multiple layers of the spirit continuously sends information to the consciousness. Every layer of the spirit is in constant motion by the Divine

Will. Hence information of every movement is being transferred from the subconscious. This is what is known as the news of the hidden.

The news that comes from the layer of Divine light (tadjalli) to the consciousness is vahii. Cognition in the sphere of Divine Light enables the consciousness to observe the descending state of the universe. God has given the spirit His creative knowledge. When the Divine light goes through the layers of the spirit then the cognition of the spirit transforms it into a creative form. This form goes through pure light (nur) and lights and then eventually takes its physical form and comes before the eye.

When the speed of the subconscious and consciousness becomes even (parallel) then all three layers of the spirit are activated simultaneously and their mutual distance disappears. The descending Divine Light then falls directly into the consciousness. In this condition the consciousness of the Divine Light becomes dominant. Divine Cognition becomes dominant and the creature cognition becomes dormant (submissive).

Among the Prophets of God, the most subtle of Divine Light works. They are able to recognize the Divine Wisdom through their own Spirit. The subtle senses of the Spirit take them over and even in the physical world they live with the senses of the Spirit.

The Divine light is not God but the reflection of His Essence. The Divine light is His Veil (hijab e’lahi). No one can glimpse God beyond His Divine Veil nor can any of His creatures access Him without it.

The universe is the creation of God. The vision of the spirit sees and recognizes every being in its creative form. For unless a being becomes a created figure, it remains unrecognized and unnamed.

Spirit (ruh) is the Divine Will (amr). Human Spirit spreads God’s Will into the universe. First, the Spirit transforms itself into the ultrapure-light (tadjalli) of the Divine Will. Just as when software is downloaded into the computer, its hardware converts the cryptic script into a creative picture (or design) and displays it into the monitor. The cryptic script of the software is nothing but numbers or alphabets (formulas). That formula or language then is read by the hardware, which in turn displays the creative graphics. In the same manner, a whole being in the complete shape and form is recognized.

The tadjalli sphere of the Spirit in turn absorbs the ultra-pure-light (tadjalli) which was sent by God into the spirit (ruh). These ultra-pure-lights are of the fixed quantities of the Divine Wisdom. Each quantity is one of the formulas of the universe. This formula is what is displayed to the Spirit. In other words, the inner realm of the creation comes forward. In it lie the lights of the Divine Names (isma e’lahiya) and the details of their movements and systems. Then in the sphere of the ordinary lights, the physical form of the being is manifested. This body performs its functions and motions based on the program that was downloaded in it.

The reality of vahii is that in the consciousness those ultra-pure-lights descend that are send by God to the spirit (ruh). The spirit then converts these ultra-pure-lights into consciousness. And consciousness through cognition puts meanings into these ultra-pure-lights. At the time of the descent of vahii the speed of consciousness becomes parallel to the speed of subconscious. That is why the words of vahii do not carry the lights of worldly thoughts.

Although after the closure of Prophethood the system of vahii was terminated, the knowledge brought in by the Prophets still exists in this world. The Divine Word, in the form of Holy Scriptures are with us. Whenever a person imitates the lifestyles of the Prophets by being righteous, the lights of this knowledge start filling in his Spirit.

By sending this vahii to His Prophets, God activated (awakened) their consciousness to a point where they were able to recognize the movements of their spirit. Moreover, through their own Self (inner) they were able to recognize (Gnosis) the Attributes of God.

Whoever follows the path of Prophets is able to gain the perspective of the Prophets and through their medium, is able to acquire the Divine Knowledge, through which they become aware of the cosmic system.


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